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[INSIDE] THE MOVEMENT is the action toolkit for the climate movement. It's updated every week and it's here for you to change the world. So use it! And subscribe now.



ITM is a new way to connect us all — the billions of people who care about climate change. It’s a place where we can all go, each week, to learn what is happening in the movement and to share what inspires us or concerns us with our friends and family. It’s a way for us to all easily take part and take action. We know that you don't have time to scour the Internet every day to find out what's going on. ITM does that for you and puts the actions, campaigns, stories, success, challenges and reflections of the climate movement ALL IN ONE PLACE.


We believe in the power of social media to do good things. We also know that social media can be a force for evil. That’s why INSIDE THE MOVEMENT is designed to utilize social media but also be independent of it. We will never solve the climate crisis if we continue to work in disconnected silos and are beholden to the ever-shifting algorithms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest. We will solve the climate crisis if we take advantage of these tools but come together here, outside of social media. In other words, we like to be able to use social media whenever possible, but ITM is meant to be used however you like. Just telling a friend about an action, video or campaign is important.


Our mission is to create a global community, one that represents all the organizations, companies and individuals committed to the climate crisis, one large enough to put serious pressure on lawmakers, business owners and anyone in a position of power to act on climate. Once we have this global community, we have a collective voice. And if we want to have any chance of beating the fossil fuel industry and its billions of dollars and all those who are beholden to it, we are going to need that collective voice.


We’re a team of climate activists and journalists. We’re the folks at EarthRise, Fossil Free Media, One Earth, The Solutions Project and The YEARS Project. But we’re also just regular people. Which really means we’re you and your neighbor and your friends and your family. We’re anyone and everyone who cares about climate change. Together, we’re the collective billions of people living on this planet who desperately want collective action to stop the climate crisis. We are supported financially by The YEARS Project and its funders, ClimateWorks Foundation and KR Foundation.


We believe climate change is the existential issue of our time. That’s not because it’s more important than other issues but rather because it’s woven into the fabric of so many other issues. Climate change is racism. Climate change is classism. Climate change is sexism. Climate change is inequity. Climate change is inequality. If you don’t believe that, please stick around and we’ll try to show how it’s all of these things and more. We also believe in a world in which fairness, equity and ecological rootedness are core values. We believe nature and humans are interdependent. We believe effective climate crisis solutions honor human rights and the rights of nature. Shared leadership produces community wellbeing and the most innovative solutions to our climate crisis. We also believe in a Just Transition, a vision-led, unifying and place-based set of principles, processes and practices that build economic and political power to shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy.


That’s easy. Subscribe. And then share and take whatever actions you can … as often as you can. And then tell everyone you know who cares about climate change to subscribe, act and share too. That’s how we all participate in the climate movement.


This is one of the hardest tasks. There are so many worthy actions, campaigns, events and organizations! But we do an informal vote each week to decide what gets included. We’re always working on ways to improve the process, however, so leave us some feedback here. As for news items, videos and social media posts, we use a variety of web tools to identify which are outperforming on the various social channels. We also compare how a news item, video or social media post performs on various individual social accounts (those of respected climate thought leaders or activists). Periodically we feature a news item, video or social media post if we feel it needs extra attention and will perform well if given the right nudge. We only promote content rooted in fact and in science. Passion will not override any content that promotes falsehoods or misleads.